Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That Dam Tour

After a short drive to Boulder City we headed on to the Hoover Dam. I thought it was a good dam tour...good thing since the man who tore my tour ticket insisted that I must have a good dam tour!  We parked on the AZ side, cause there is FREE parking there and hiked in.  This was okay because my exercise routine has been lacking since I got here. We walked right in bought two tickets with a military discount, thankyouverymuch, and off we went to the movies where there was no popcorn but it was still good!

I will say it was amazing to see! 

Lotsa, lotsa concrete!

Knowing it was completed under the allotted construction time and is so very solid was incredible. Knowing that they did not use computers, laser sites and that new fangledangle stuff was cool too; they did it the old fashioned way. This dam is the kind of solid built to last kind of construction! I know it is cliche but it is so very true, they just don't build things like this anymore; this thing is going to be around for a long time to come! I also learned it was not built to generate electricity, which it does a might fine job at, it was actually built to help irrigate the food that is grown around this area. I was educated on this trip :) and I remembered enough of it to post this morning!

 That bridge right there is what I thought we were going to get to drive on since they had the "official opening" on Sunday, yeah, NO, it was not yet open to the why did they have the "official opening" if it in fact is NOT open? I do not know! I can tell you I will most likely never return to go over it, one trip here will do it for me.

 This was a must have picture...I am from a town called Nevada, not the state of Nevada. We do not pronounce our town the same as the state either, weird, I know but that is my town :) We are Ne VA dah as in a long sound and the state has the short a sound on the middle a.

We ended the evening by seeing Mystere at Treasure Island, amazing! But I think I would like O even better!


Susie said...

Sounds like you are having a GREAT time:-)

Frizzy and Bird said...

We saw O and Mystere. Mystere was better. I thought I would like O better because of all the water. Maybe my hopes were too high? I don't know.

Mrs. Blue said...

Thanks for the feedback Frizzy!!!