Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

It was an awesome nice to have LilBlue here with me this year! What a treat. Over the weekend we celebrated with MiBs mom and Uncle G. What a double treat. Course I didn't get the best steak in the country but some felt as if they did so I guess that is good :) LilBlue and I then shared Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, lemon, I had not ever had that kind! Yes, it was good!

Today we celebrated with my side of the family after a town ride this morning. After a great lunch of various and I do mean various smoked meats from salmon to deer, which were both AWESOME, thanks Uncle Jimmy!!!!! Then we spent the afternoon visiting on the deck in some gorgeous sunshine! Aunt Vic even thinks she got a tan...LOL! To round out our evening we took a country drive with my favorite chauffeur, Aunt Shari :) These drives are family tradition when we are together!

LilBlue took time out to rest twice once on Aunt Turtle's couch and then again at Aunt Vic's, after all, she is still in recovery from being toothless! When I ran out to pick her up from Aunt Vic's where she stayed during the country drive she wanted to stop for ice cream on the way home :). We did! Oh yeah, how much better of a life can I have? Well, it would have been over the moon had my MiB been here but still, trust me LIFE IS GOOD. I am such a blessed woman and I think I need to pinch myself after such a great day (weekend) as this!

I pray that your day was good...I know many who have a hard time with this day...choose joy is my thought for you, CHOOSE JOY in life no matter the day on the calendar. I believe you make your own happiness and if you aren't happy, I sincerely believe you are not only hurting yourself, but those around you. If you have lost your joy take steps to discover it once again, do not let those around you steal your joy, EVERYONE deserves to live life and only you can make the choices that allow you to LIVE it. Is my life perfect? HECK NO, but I choose to see it in a positive light, sometimes that is a second by second choice. And I choose to be positive most days and NOT BE a Debbie Downer. I choose to not take out my frustrations on those I love, your loved ones are NOT the enemy. I also choose not to hinge my happiness on a person, place or thing, I choose to choose joy; to love Jesus, who is my joy and is the only truly unchangeable asset in my life. More money will not make me happier, more things will not make me live longer...I think I got on a soapbox here...sorry, back to my original thought. I had a great weekend. That's all...
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Susie said...

I am glad that you had a GREAT Mother's Day:-)