Sunday, May 29, 2011

Arizona...Oh MY

We arrived AZ and went straight to the house, not really knowing what we would be in for we prayed for the see this trip was really not at all for pleasure. It was a trip of unknown when we began, there had been an illness, hospitalization, home health and hospice interaction. We really did not know what we would find or what to expect. Many prayers had been lifted the last several weeks as Grandma Wheatley faced some health issues.

Thankfully, we were so pleasantly surprised when we arrived that she was much better then we had anticipated. PTL! It was still not an easy sight to see her so unable to complete the simplest of task and we knew the situation needed remedy. The decision was made to get her into a skilled care nursing facility in a neighboring town. This would allow her to receive better care and physical therapy that will help her regain her strength so that she can start to care for herself again. And maybe, just maybe allow her to return to her home. Of course that is her deepest desire to continue to live in her home. Keep in mind she is 87 years young and her two older sisters are still in their homes, one right next door and the other located in the town she will receive skilled nursing care in! They are incredible women, they are!!! Stay tuned for more on this journey...
Since we did not know what we were in for we had not made hotel accommodations, so we found ourselves at nearly midnight and needing a bed for the night. This is what we found. Note the pictures are in the light of day...looks okay, but at night it looked a whole lot better...hey, at least they had wifi! Don't think I have stayed anywhere like it EVER and hope to never again, but I must say the bath towels were clean and the shower was hot.

  Our little cabin! It was a duplex...the people next door watched TV late into the night!

Seriously this place has soooo much potential and with some tender loving care it could be a great place, oh and let's not forget several cases of pine-sol pretty sure it would need that as well, but it does have much potential with the right management!

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