Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: RETIREMENT

Bittersweet is the word that comes to mind...I mean it's a new chapter in your life but it also means you are moving on, and that means leaving. Leaving behind friends. It's tough, but it is a part of the life in the blue. I know our day will come and it will be exactly that, bittersweet. It's been a great ride for three doors down, but the ride is over and a new chapter is beginning and how exciting that is. It's a whole new world out there outside of the blue suit, it's a great big world as well, I know he will thrive, they will relish the new opportunity they have been afforded, they will grow deeper roots, become homesteaders. I still wonder whether that will happen in my world or not...maybe...then again maybe not. I think MiB does not like roots, we'll see!

Anyway, it was a fantabulous retirement ceremony, full of family, friends and co-workers, it was a celebration and there was humor to break up the emotion. I am thankful for humor!!! It was such a tribute to the man who has been such an exemplary Airmen. I am soooo proud to know him AND his family, to be associated with such a great leader. I am also proud to be his friend, to be considered in his circle. I am so thankful our paths crossed, I am honored to have been able to have "helped" with things... While they may think it was "something" I am honored and feel privileged to have been able to have been called upon and trusted to carry out such "things"! These "people" are people who have made a big impact on our life, have helped us to grow and to be better and to continue to want to serve and yet. also have made us ponder...But in the end, in the big scheme of things it boils down to the fact that they are FRIENDS and we love them dearly and wish them all of life's best and hope to be crossing paths for many, many days to come!

Ultracool surfboard Three Doors Down received at his retirement, how cool!!!!

  • Florida again!
  • Lovin' the salt life...
  • I have missed SteinMart and Bealls!
  • R E T I R E M E N T is coming for us too!!!
Goodnight, I'm beat!

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