Friday, May 27, 2011


What a treat to be with good people! It has been great fun to hang out and get to know the extended families of "three doors down"! They are fun, real and have family stuff just like we do, I think that's a good thing. Getting to be around people who are people, people who don't try to put on airs, that's a good time! They were honest to goodness people who had tales to tell, stories to share and memories to recall. I would like to think they made new memories and will tell stories after their visit to FL for the retirement of one of their own as well. They are a close knit family and like most families do not get to spend enough time together since they are all spread out over several states.

Since we were such a large group and we had lots of things going on around us it was easy and simpler not to go out for meals. I mean we were all right there close to the magnificent "SurfSide" with a fully equipped kitchen so why not whip up some food for the hungry mouths to feed. It was not gourmet but it was good, we had lots of snackies, lots of veggies and lots of fun. We enjoyed the kitchen time, the patio time, the beach time, the porch time. Tonight was my last night with them and we were privileged that cousin T was doing the cooking and I was honored to be her prep girl, I held my own with her in the kitchen, I mean after all she wrote a cookbook! However, SisterS was in charge of the fruit salad and make an awesome fruit salad she did! It was super yum!

Isn't she cute? She's from Minnesota dontcha know!

Though she lives there no more, she's a NAVY spouse so she lives wherever the ocean blue sends them!  

I leave for Denver in the a.m. I will not say goodbye, only farewell for now...I know we will be seeing them again, sooner or later! Thank you extended family for allowing me to be one of you these last few days I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute!!!

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