Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm back on the beach!!!

Oh what a great 24 hours!!!! Being beachside again is awesome. I think I am totally agreeing with MiB we may need to be near water when we retire!

So it's kind of unbelievable the connection we have had with these wonderful friends in the Blue. I mean they ARE family! And we are so incredibly blessed. I am so honored to be invited to this ceremony and more then a bit sad that they will be retiring out of the blue; but I know it is the right thing at the right time for them...however; selfishly, I will miss them!

Three doors down is retiring tomorrow and the USAF is loosing out. I firmly believe in this case we are letting one of the best get away. Stellar man, outstanding leader and rocket scientist, what more could the Air Force need, we keep all kinds of others with less skills and abilities and we have this amazing guy and we let him walk out the door...SPACE X you are gaining one great guy!!!

Being back on the SpaceCoast is always a treat and this trip is no exception. I am loving seeing all the work going on around the beach. It's long overdue. The military beaches are prime real estate and for the entire time we were here MiB petitioned and lamented on their neglect but his song seemed to fall on deaf ears. Well apparently someone has finally heard and taken action and lots of improvements are in process and it's awesome!!!!

Probably doesn't seem like much to you, but this is 2nd Light and we went here lots. This area is closed right now and they are totally reworking it. The picture shows the old shower area, which is where MiB took his own shovel and dug out several times during our time here. It looks like it's going to be pretty neat when they get it all done, they are also replacing lots of timbers and walkways!

After a long day I am off to bed and hopefully I will get a nice morning run in on the beach before doing a few odds and ends prior to the big retirement ceremony. YIPPEE and good night! 

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Frizzy said...

Enjoy your time together. Retirement is bittersweet. We still miss our family and friends and days of serving in Blue. Love you my dear!