Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin Tornado

Wow, how a moment can change so much. We know it, but usually it's "somebody else" this happens to, maybe someone related to someone we know, someone we sort of knew, you know, but not someone we really know! Because this, this was close, so very close, close to family and friends, people we know, people we really know, people who are more then just a face. This is J-town. The town we went to in high school to see the latest movie, to pick up the latest releases in music, to go shopping for back to school clothes, to go to dinner, it was THE town!

So last night as the graduation party was winding down and the news of the devastating storm started trickling in we went home and prayed and we were glued to the TV coverage of the storm. The ravaged town that we know so well has been hit hard We are praying for those who have suffered such huge losses...we are giving and participating in the supply gathering efforts around town and still waiting to hear that some are okay. It's tragic; it's terribly close to home.

Praying for you you are near to our hearts!

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