Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trip Thoughts

The reason for this trip was really not at all pleasure. It was a trip of unknown when we began, there had been an illness, hospitalization, home health and hospice interaction. We really did not know what we would find or what to expect. Many prayers had been lifted the last several weeks as Grandma Wheatley faced some health issues. 

Thankfully, we were so pleasantly surprised when we arrived that she was much better then we had anticipated. PTL! It was still not an easy sight to see her so unable to complete the simplest of task and we knew the situation needed remedy. The decision was made to get her into a skilled care nursing facility in a neighboring town. This would allow her to receive better care and physical therapy that will help her regain her strength so that she can start to care for herself again. And maybe, just maybe allow her to return to her home. Of course that is her deepest desire to continue to live in her home. Keep in mind she is 87 years young and her two older sisters are still in their homes, one right next door and the other located in the town she will receive skilled nursing care in! They are incredible women, they are!!! Stay tuned for more on this journey...

In other thoughts:

Good clean hotels at a reasonable price are not easy to come by...however, we found such a place!  I would recommend this little family owned, friendly motel any day of the week! They definitely met our needs, they were reasonable AND still gave us a military discount. I'm a happy stayer for sure. Did I mention it was CLEAN? Well, it was and that is a BIG PLUS in my book. 

Last night we were at the only place in town we could find a room! While it was clean, and I am VERY thankful they had a room and gave a military discount, the other aspects were not so appealing.  Last night was noisy, there was a bus full of loud people, late arrivers and early leavers along with paper thin walls...while sleep was had it was not without interruption. So this morning as we checked out we were hunting new accommodations. Lo and behold right across the street it said vacancy so we wheeled in and have found our home for the next three nights!

One drawback was the corners of the bed being tough on someone's knees! LOL

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