Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

I'm still over the moon that my MiB is back...there is really nothing else to say!

The reunion has been awesome, doing life together again is wonderful. I love being by his side and hanging out with my best friend. I am so thrilled we are able to spend this time together and at the beach no less, I could not ask for more! Tomorrow we begin our trek north, we will be hooking up with our very good friends from Italy for a few days in the Destin area before making our way on to N.O. From there we will make our way to GALVESTON, stop in Houston to again see friends, then head north again to visit friends in Austin before progressing north where we will stop over in OKC to see good friends and family as well.

We are good, life is good!

  •  I love packing light!
  • Time zones are screwy.
  • Grocery store eating is fun!
  • Still awaiting homegrown 'maters!

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