Sunday, June 26, 2011


We are in NOLA for a few days. Already feel like we have entered another era...and wow I thought people in Vegas were colorful! Vegas ain't got nothin on these folks...I saw a young woman with a "painted" shirt walking down the street, then I saw two women in their under clothes in the doorway to a "club"! There were also lots of "happy" people on the streets today! This town has it all and it wasn't even dark yet.

I'm going back in the morning for coffee and beignets! I've heard it will be the bestest I've ever had of either! I'll get back with you on that and keep in mind I'm tough!

We are staying at Jackson Barracks... It is a Navy joint and while we weren't expecting much we were quite pleasantly surprised! It's a historic base for sure and the old homes and buildings are neat. Most have been restored and they are working on the others. We are in a really neat old building that has been modestly appointed and certainly meets our needs! We are thrilled cause it's a hidden jewel! I love my military travel guide!

More tomorrow from NOLA!

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Susie said...

I have never been but it is on the bucket list:-)