Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Texas WaVeS and a HAPPY MiB

We made the third coast today and let me tell you that there are waves (no matter that there was a lot of whitewater and no organization to them)!! This fact has made MiB VERY HAPPY! I foresee long weekends in Galveston in our future!

Oh and there was an injury...yes these killer waves caused the board to go all which ways and it smacked MiBs leg and gave him a huge booboo.  It looks painful and is tender, but I am pretty sure he will live!!!

In addition we have some wonderful friends here and had the opportunity to meet them for dinner and meet their newest addition Jasper! He is adorable and let hug and squeeze and kiss his chubby little cheeks as much as I wanted! I think he may want to go home with me but MiB said no...what's up with that?

Tomorrow it is back to Galveston to do the tourist thing and meet up with our friends for lunch, we will also go to the oldest drug store in TX on a recommendation from our Austin friend! We'll report back on that!

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