Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Thoughts~

As I type we are packing up and moving on north to Austin today...MiB had another surf session this a.m. and that will have to do him for awhile...though as I said I do foresee trips back to this area in our future!

We were able to get into Tinker for three nights and will be able to request three more nights on the 6th, if we get in we will stay if not we might still do one more night off base. Still unsure where we head next, MO or NE. Flooding is an issue with travel north on I-29 but we are continuing to watch it and will wait until closer to departure to make decision.

Life is good, and suitcase living is going well for us both. I've been doing it for over a year now!!! Though I think I could have brought a little less "STUFF" on this trip! I'm doing quite well living out of the duffel bag! Thanks KY for the loaner and I will be looking to use my own Vera one or get a new one since it is somewhat smaller then the one I am currently using! But I like it and think it will be my new "go to" travel item.

  • We are looking for a little land...
  • Travel miles are still being logged!
  • Cali/Idaho//Texas/Utah/Florida/'Bama??
  • Retirement thoughts are swirling in our brains!
SEE YA...we gotta hit the road, potentially stopping along the way to check out a couple car leads. That is also a prayer concern, we would like to find another vehicle. The Lord knows what we need so we are trusting in his timing and pray that we find the right deal for us. His provision is always sufficient and we know for this situation it will be no different. And a second prayer request is on the accident that LilBlue was in; things seem to be wrapping up so we need wisdom and understanding on how to deal with all the matters at hand and that all things will work out for the best outcome for our girl!

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