Thursday, June 2, 2011

ZION Thoughts on Thursday!

Ummm, yeah, well, know how spectacular I told you yesterday was? Well, believe it or not today was even better! I know, I know hard to imagine but it was. Maybe it was just me but I thought Zion was even more incredible. It was just unreal, and believe it or not I drove and the switchbacks were crazy. But once we got there, we got to ride in the shuttle to tour the park. We even did the Riverside Walk hike! Yep we did and we did it in flip flops, just call us crazy! If I go again I would do the Grotto or Emerald pools hike not the Riverside Walk. It was beautiful and all and we saw neat stuff but the grotto hike would have been my first choice.

 Hiking boots are for BOYS!

A beautiful Columbine wildflower!

Just an amazing view!

After this little day trip we came home through St George, Utah and treated ourselves to SONIC not once but twice before making our way back to Kanab. It was a lovely day and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and sunshine!!!

  • I enjoy diet cherry limeades...A LOT!
  • Little towns are nice but I prefer medium size.
  • Seeing God's creation always makes me reflect on his greatness!

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