Friday, June 10, 2011

Grandma Wheatley

It is with sorrow I share that Grandma Wheatley passed away today…

What a blessing and a treasure our recent trip was. It is good memories. Memories that will make for happy recollecting! The visit itself and the going and coming will be lasting good memories they will. . .

I can already recall in my mind her calling out requests to me to do this or do that. She was feisty! But she did not use the same tone with me or the other grandchildren as she used with her own offspring. No, it was a gentler summons when she called for one of us. But even the more firm calls for her own children were tinged with a love in her voice, a trust for them to come to her bedside when she beckoned for them.

One thing I recall from this last trip to see her was calling her from my cell phone a couple times while I was sitting right there in her room. I started talking with her until she realized it was me…the first time she hung up on me, smiled mischievously at me and laughed! By the third time she was giveing me the ornery eye, calling me a “poop” but still laughing!

RiP Grandma Wheatley 1924-2011

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