Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing Tourist

Oh what a FABULOUS start to our day...we had beignets at Cafe Du Monde along with coffee! Um yeah that coffee was AWESOME!! so awesome in fact we bought some to make at our own house (that is when we get a house)! But let's not think or talk about that right now let's think about how wonderful the coffee was this morning, yeah, I would say it is the best I've had since leaving Italy. I know right! It WAS that good!

So after our fabulous start we went on to stroll the streets and just take in the sights! I have to also mention the smells. No offense NOLA but you have an odor... And frankly, it is offensive! It's a combination of garbage and BO, seriously, it really stinks here!

After our strolling we rode, yep we boarded the trolley and took a ride on the green line out to the Garden District. Saw some really old gorgeous homes along with churches that were gorgeous! We also saw Loyola and Tulane Universities, which were neat! We bought a couple snacks for the ride back and then had lunch. Since lunch left something to be desired I will not be labor the fact our choice was not good and it was even recommended. Oh well! Better luck next time I hope! The service was really poor and the food was not great and cold so it was a triple whammy!

However...all in all we had a pleasant day in NOLA! Tomorrow we take out for Galveston.

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