Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Around Galveston

It was a nice lazy start this morning...we actually slept in!!! WOOHOO It was very nice! After a trip down to the breakfast bar we did some catching up on emails and such and enjoyed having wifi before heading off to meet our local lunch dates!

We met part of the Curtis Clan in Galveston at The Spot for a really good lunch, the burgers were absolutely yummy and the sweet potato fries made my belly button smile as well as the littlest CC member! He sat with me andshared my fries I think he liked them A LOT!!!!

 My lunch dates!

After our lunch MiB and I headed out to scope the area, visit all the beaches and just check out things! We made a stop on the harborside at the Start Drugstore and since we had already had lunch we opted for dessert...yeah, about that diet, don't even go there!

 Tiramisu with toffee bits OH MY! YUM

 Hot Lava Flow Sundae

 Okay, we didn't lick these dishes clean, but we wanted to!

Yeah, it was well worth the stop and we even found FREE parking so that was a BONUS!!! We then drove to more beaches and also stopped at a surf shop and that was the jackpot according to MiB. See yesterday on our way back I had seen this particular shop so today when he said he wanted to stop at a surf shop I said I knew where one was...he was skeptical I know, but I told him how to get there and would you believe it was THE ONE. Yeah, I am that good! LOL It is the surf shop owned by the "tanker surf guy" He was in surfer heaven! He IS planning to take the tanker trip it's just a matter of when...

Pool side on the edge of the hot tub!

A quick stop off for chips and dip for dinner since we had such a good lunch and we were set for an evening poolside. We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed both the pool and hot tub and also caught a few rays! We took in two sessions, we went down, enjoyed some sun, then back to the room for "chip/dip dinner" then back down for pool and hot tub, man, life is good! Hope your summer is going well, ours is flying by and it's only been a week! Tomorrow we are off to Austin.

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