Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sisters at Yellowstone

 That's us with Barbara!
 There were LOTS and LOTS of bison in the park!

We saw them up close and personal from the vehicle...the babies were sooo cute!

 Had to stop and see Old Faithful again. Though my niece does not think he is shooting up as high as last time she was, I don't remember, so I believe her :)

After the graveside services we headed to West Yellowstone and took in the beauty of the area. We also did some shopping last night after we arrived! Yeehaw for sales and bargains, I got a new hoodie! On the drive in we saw mountain goats, on the side of the mountain even! LOL Also the antelope were out and about. It was a great drive over but today's adventure's were magnificent. Lewis Lake was still mostly frozen and there was still snow. The animals were out, we saw many elk and lots of bison as noted above. We went out through the Grand Tetons and were shocked at how much snow is still in that area, of course it made them even more gorgeous! We had a picnic in the Jenny Lake area and even though we did encounter a few sprinkles we made the best of it and enjoyed our lunch! The air was so crisp and clean I loved it, I love the mountains!

We started our journey home and have made Laramie, Wyoming our stop for the night, love that the motel has free wifi!

And for the record the sister's were joined by one niece and one nephew, we had an awesome time, also a cousin and her family was there and it was a time of lots of laughter and catching up! Sad how we only see some family when there is a funeral...I think we definitely made the most of seeing the others again though!

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