Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday I-S-A-bell

Happy Birthday my "little echo"!

My "little echo" turns THREE today! She is a treat, she is so full of sass but not in a naughty way, she has a time with her brother, lately, she is somewhat more mother then sister even though she is younger. They are the best of playmates and love, love, love each other to pieces. 

She is a girl with many identities in our family, she is G-Pa's sweetie pie, she is most often referred to as "sister" by her mother, "sissy" by her brother and of course she is one half of "the Littles" to many as well as my "little echo".  In addition I began calling her I-S -A-bell several months back so we could start learning to spell her name. She can "spell" it saying her first three letters, I, then S, then A, then completing it with the word "bell". It works for us for now, we will learn the rest later, she is only three after all!

Some things I love about this little one: her hugs are the absolute best...truly she is a great hugger, she is a "good manners" kid and will ask you if she is being good, she is a self entertainer if you have her by herself and when she is with her brother they play well together. She has a sense of humor, she loves Looney Tunes and that puddie tat!  She laughs when she plays with her babies and talks up a storm to no one in particular. She is little, as in petite. She wants to be apart and in the middle of what you are doing even if you aren't really doing much. She loves to ask questions, she repeats nearly everything her brother says, which is why I call her "little echo"! Those are just a smidgen of the many things I could tell you about her! She is a true delight! (NOTE: I may be a little biased on this...)

There will be a "princess in the park" party tomorrow complete with a buttercream iced cake, cause this child loves icing! We will celebrate and it will be all about her. There was a time that we were not going to be able to have this party you know? Yes, that is correct! You see you cannot turn three if you wear a diaper...I know, I know you may not have been aware of this rule and neither was I-S-A-bell but we had to inform her. At first we weren't sure she was truly getting it but we were persistent and told her we were going to be sad if we did not get to buy her presents and eat birthday cake with her so she needed to learn to use the big girl potty and get rid of those nasty, wet, stinky diapers. There were several good days then it was back to the diapers, a good day here and there but still back to the diapers; then finally it all seemed to click with her. She has been diaper free for over three weeks now with only an accident or two. Yes, I know this is HUGE and we are all sooooo happy and thrilled we will be having a BIG birthday bash for her tomorrow. It's just grand! I'm so proud of her and all the bags of M&M's we bribed her with, err, I mean rewarded her with! She's a true BIG GIRL NOW! And just for the record I DID NOT start this rule of having to be pottied trained before turning three, nosiree, that my friend I do believe came from Aunt Turtle!

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