Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Breaking Bread!

There's just something about getting together and sharing a meal, doesn't really matter the food, it's the company I most enjoy. Good food is a BONUS though :)and really who cares if it is the whole meal, coffee is good, or dessert works too!!! Since arriving in AL we've had the opportunity to break bread with so many of our local friends; it's just been awesome. It makes us miss them all the more, we love to catch up, share stories, old memories and make new memories. That's what we cherish, our times together and somehow there is usually food involved or when it involves R&J blueberries and/or ice cream as well!!

Anyway, I was so thrilled and honored to be able to get together today with some of the women who were "in my circle" so to speak when we lived here. It was a great bunch of varying ages and it was just comfortable like I had never left...that my friend is friendship! I am so thrilled that each one came, that they took time out from their life to spend some time with me! They are such a great group from my neighborhood friend, to my WOM buddies, to my four byw gals, (which one of those happens to be my "precious" friend, which seems a little like favoritism but it isn't, you see she just uses the word "precious" and thereby gets that extra notoriety for it!) There are other defining things and words I could use for the others such as my B&BW friend, my volunteer addict friend, my real southern talking friend, my Auburn crazy friend, my talkative friend, my minister's wife friend, my tender heart friend and they would each know who they are but I won't use those :0)

So anyway, that was my fabulous lunch today, it just doesn't get much better then that! An added bonus was that a real young'un joined us as well and she is soon gonna be a momma herself! She is close to LilBlue's age so if that don't make ya feel old I don't know what does! But it was a treat that she joined us.

Now onto dinner...what's not to like about poppyseed chicken? NOTHING absolutely nothing, I think it is a southern staple and it is GOOD! Miss J makes the bestest and not only was there the poppyseed chicken but we had all these great things to go with it! Like green beans, cranberry salad, oriental salad and brown rice Then there was this wonderfully yummy layered dessert, which of course involved blueberries. See Mr R grows his own and therefore there is an unlimited supply. We were joined at the table by b&b which is always a treat.

We are so thankful for such wonderful friends, we still lift them in prayer, give praise when they are happy, pray harder when we hear of their heartaches, we love them dearly, we are so truly blessed!


Frizzy and Bird said...

The best of times are always when shared in the company of friends. So happy for you all. Looks like a wonderful time.

Susie said...

That looks like a great time.