Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh what a week!

It's been soooo much fun this week with LilBlue here and we have been busy going to and fro and I have been meaning to take my camera but then it just doesn't happen, so boo on me! So much has gone on this week I will just fast forward to last night.

Sooooo last night it was the Asian Pacific festival, which was a luau type event and a lot of fun, there were dancers, lots of dancers and there were a group of drummers from Epcot they were really cool. MiB got to 'perform' with them!

MiB drumming...

The "real" drummers drumming :D

The different groups of dancers did not ask him to dance with him...I think he might have done better at that though as he is a great dancer! The Hawaiian dancers were my favorite, so elegant and just beautiful and natural looking in their movements.

But one of the other groups (and please forgive me I do not remember their native county) that performed several dances were so fun to watch, they were older and had several different outfits and were just fun!

It was really an enjoyable 'mandatory fun' with some tasty food, great entertainment and two of my favorite people on either side! The bonus for the night was LilBlue won the last door prize given out for the evening, which was neato in our book!!!

Tonight we will try to 'go for launch' with that Delta rocket again...

And lest they be forgotten we must do Thursday Thoughts
  • I like Asian cuisine!
  • The good byes train starts tonight...
  • It's getting really hairy around here...
  • LilBlue does not like crabs on the beach!
  • Living ocean side is pretty darn suuuuhweeeet!


Susie said...

Sounds like a great week:-)

Frizzy and Bird said...

I would love to have seen MiB do either of those things. My hubby too for that matter.