Thursday, May 6, 2010


The surprise appearance was priceless! Talk about a shocker...his wife was able to keep it from him that we were coming, ziiiing, gotcha :)

The graduation was good, the speaker shared from her heart, the pinning was long but oh so worth it...these folks have worked long and hard to make it to this point so to take a few moments to let them relish in it is only fitting.

The cake was hilarious, and yummers. It was a spice cake, which is truly one of my all time favorites so I was in for having a piece, I might have had two but then remembered I am trying to rid myself of 7#s so I did not, but it was good enough to make you want two that is for sure!!!

What a hoot this cake was! Loved it! Tasted delicious as well :)

Congratulations to Troy State University's newest nurses and especially our friend!

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Susie said...

Very cool!! He looks so happy!! And that cake is hilarious!!