Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ewwww...the seaweed really stinks!

Last night as we walked on the beach we noticed huge amounts of seaweed washing ashore. This was quite a sight to see but off we went on to the movies anyway.

LilBlue being contemplative over the seaweed or maybe the crabs :)

So this morning as MiB and I were walking the beach (without LiLBlue as she was getting her beauty sleep) and the seaweed has come ashore with a vengeance and an odor, like puuuweee, yuk, it reeks!

The weed

I am not a seaweed snob, I know that it is part of the beach environment I just thought I should share that it smelled and there is a lot of it. I am still going to enjoy the beach, been out once already this morning and heading out again in just a little bit. You have to take advantage of being 20 paces or so from the beach and so we are!

Oh and in the seaweed there was this white stuff which we thought was coral, but then we touched it and it smushed up easily with the same texture of wax. Any ideas?

The white waxy stuff that we thought was coral...

Lastly, I leave you with her, she is quite a beauty don't you think? She was resting so peacefully this morning when we saw her, I hope she finds her way back out to sea. Maybe she's the one who brought in all the seaweed?
Off to the beach...I am gonna miss this...

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Frizzy and Bird said...

Yup. She looks like she's been busy all night. Maybe she was getting rid of a ton of it and what you see is what she couldn't get to before sunlight?

Either way, I'm envious of how close you are on the beach and wish I could be there too.