Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Awww love bugs. . . ummm yuck!

So, who knew that Florida gets inundated with love bugs, not me that is for sure! Snow birds I know about and they don't bother me, in fact I think they are kinda cute! However, these love bugs are somewhat of a nuisance. I was not here in May of last year and I am thinking that is a good thing. They don't fly real well and there are usually two of them. I have found out that the female flies forward and drags the male (who is attached to her) along for their journey...not sure where they are going, maybe the mall. Makes sense to me and that might be one reason the male is being dragged along backwards, he doesn't want to go to the mall! And just for the record I personally think they stink a little, as in smell unpleasant, not an overpowering odor but an odor, unpleasant one IMO, nonetheless!

A "mating pair" of love bugs...

Oh well, what I also learned about these lovely bugs is that they are actually a type of fly, they are not destructive and usually are only a bother for a couple weeks a couple times a year. They are also very acidic so I really should get my car washed ASAP since they etch your paint. I am seriously thinking there is NOTHING to love about these 'love bugs' I mean seriously, they do not have a lot of redeeming qualities. I know it's not everything you need to know about the Florida love bug situation but probably more then you ever wanted to know about it/them :P

NOTE: And oh BTW blogger is being really, really, really cantankerous tonight; posting pictures was quite a task but I finally got a couple to upload


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Yessss....these bugs are GROSS! Hahaha