Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

I have had such a good time in AL this week, it's been great to see everyone...what a tremendous blessing!

Plans for tonight include a very special surprise for a good friend who is getting pinned for completing their nursing degree. They have nooooo idea we are showing up, isn't that neat? I can't wait to see his face! He was one of Larry best buds while we were stationed here.

O.K. this has got to be short and sweet since it has been a full day and this evening is booked as well. I am doing a load of laundry and grabbing a bite to eat then heading out to the pinning. But it is all good cause there will be cake following the pinning like I need cake, but I would like some! But only if it is good cake cause I don't want to waste calories on yukky stuff!

Thursday Thoughts:
  • It's sooo hot in the south already!
  • I am sooooo blessed with so much.
  • Friendships are sooooo very priceless...
  • So, notice how much I am using so? LOL
  • Sadly, food seems to be involved in nearly everything we do!

1 comment:

Susie said...

I hope she was surprised.