Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a day!

LilBlue arrived last night and it has been nonstop. We went straight from the airport to a welcome home celebration for the 45th Space Wing Guardian Challenge team who took FIRST PLACE in the competition they were in these last few weeks. Today we went boating on the Banana River, left there and went to get take out from DaKine's eating with a great ocean view I might add, took a walk on the beach, had some ice cream and now I am pooped and ready for the bed!

This is the gang coming back from the beach walk.

Tomorrow I hope we get a breather but it may be a passing fantasy to think that, it's going to be another big week on the space coast, we'll keep you posted!


Susie said...

Sounds wonderful!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Is that LilBlue in the black t-shirt? Oh my! She is all grown up! Can't believe it. Can we come for a beach walk with you please? How long is she home?

Mrs. Blue said...

Yep, that is her, I will post some better pics soon. She is here til mid June when we road trip together to get her back to the midwest :)