Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hillary called today...this is the first time we have not been together on Mother's Day since she was born, I wasn't really sure what to expect - especially since we are on the road again. But she called and it made my day (insert HAPPY DANCE here)!!!

Ironically, it was 7 years ago on this very day that my own mother passed away... the relationship I had with my own mother was somewhat odd and not at all what I would consider a traditional mother/daughter relationship so Mother's Day has been/still is a little different for me. That she died on Mother's Day weekend 2003 has always made me feel, I don't know, strange.

I really didn't/don't know what to think about the correlation of her dying the same weekend as Mother's Day, maybe there is none, it's not like I think she had any control over her death and the day she died. I mean she was quite ill. It does still cause me to ponder from time to time but I do not dwell on it. My father was mostly responsible for raising me and that is just the way it is, she wasn't really there much. However, I am very thankful for those who treated me as their own and those who took the time to mother me. I know there are others out there who are thankful to my mom for doing the same for them, she was a person who liked to help others. There are memories, good ones, some not as good, but she was still my mother, I tried to keep her in my life when I got older, it was not so easy, I think I could have tried harder, I think she could have as well. We will leave it at that.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day! To me a mother is way more then a woman who gives birth, she is a woman who nurtures, loves and teaches a child, she is a whole host of other things as well, I could make a pretty much endless list and would still leave something off so that is enough of that. Signing off now!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Happy Mother's Day. I'm sorry to hear about your mother passing away let alone over this sacred weekend.

Love you.

Susie said...

Even though yours was tough, I hope your Mother's Day was good:-)