Monday, May 31, 2010

Wendy's x 2

It's been a great day, we, of course, beached it, went to the moveies and did some shopping. After dinner, which was some fabulous lumpia, which I did not make but bought at the "lumpia sale" last week during the Asian Pacific celebration along with fried rice, which I did make, we decided we needed frosty's. At our first attempt we waited very patiently for a large group to place their order. I know I have been 'those' people who it seems don't know what they want, in fact you would think they had never dined in a Wendy's before ever since it took nearly 12 minutes to get their order given, then instead of going ahead and waiting on us the cashier needed to help in the cooking area. Okay, got it, it's later (9:10ish) and it is not a full staff, no worries, we all have to multi-task and pitch in when and where needed, but then the clincher comes when we go to place our order which is two small chocolate frosty's, one value fry, one large chocolate frosty. The response to our very efficiently ordered order is "oh, I'm sorry our frosty machine is broken" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not after we just patiently waited and took silly pictures in your line trying to entertain and amuse ourselves while waiting to get our frosty's!

While we waited in line behind the 'we don't have a clue what we want' people we debated who had the darkest feet...
LilBlue also took our picture, aren't we so cute? LOL

So back to the car where we pull out our 'chatty Cathy' sometimes otherwise known as a Garmin and find the next closet Wendy's. It's 2.3 miles to the North and I even called to double check that their frosty machine was indeed working before we made the trip! Dontcha just love technology! In cases like this I most certainly do!

Arriving at Wendy's #2 we make our same order as at Wendy's #1 adding a 79c after 9 p.m. drink; get our frosty's and the definitely leaves something to be desired non fresh fries, along with the sorta flat 79c special diet coke and enjoy our late night treat
I felt we needed to document the eating of the frosty's, since we went through so much trouble to get them!

While we were waiting on MiB to get a refill on the awful 79c soda LilBlue was smelling the flowers! Not really, she wasn't but they had all these fake flowers crammed in vases sitting around so I told her to grab some and she did! It was a silly thing but the picture is cute isn't it? :) Just for useless knowledge MiB tried CokeZero rather then diet Coke for his refill it was no better, we think their machine was not up to par!
LilBlue with the pretty flowers at Wendy's

It's past my bedtime! So night, night all tomorrow's another full day. Oh but before I forget on our morning walk we saw the turtle patrol out checking for new nest, they were marking one that had 156 eggs in it, a record for the day, the average is 111. It was so cool to see all those eggs, wish I would have taken my camera!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Ugh! I think I might have lost my cool at the first Wendy's.

I know I would have gone crazy from excitement if I had happened upon a turtles nest. HOW COOL! I hope you take your camera today.

Susie said...

It sounds like fun even with the annoying issue:-)