Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

The week here in FWB has been fun! We were sad to learn that our friends grandmother passed away so she had to head out of town as we arrived...yeah bummer! and she won't be back before we leave! But I am still enjoying the area and just having a slow pace without any commitments, it's pretty nice, actually... it's really nice :)

I have been "cooking" for us in the room...yeah, I am just that good with just a microwave! Baked potatoes one night, then different chips and dips another night and not just boughten jar dips, homemade ones! We love that, I prefer using veggies over chips to dip but either way it's yummers! I am trying to do every other night in the room, so on the two nights we ate out we did Mexican and Italian. The two places we tried were touted as "local favorites."

The Italian place came highly recommended by friends who used to live here. We were NOT disappointed!!! It was very good. Give Tradewinds a try if you are ever in this area, and ohbytheway, you WILL need to make reservations, they were packed from the time we arrived until we left. I was able to make same day reservations, but I wouldn't count on that so plan ahead. I ordered a margherita pizza, MiB had all veggie calzone (not on the menu but more then happy to make it). We also had an appetizer of brushchetta. The brushchetta while not presented in any way like we had in Italy was totally awesome! The tomatoes were diced and had been combined with basil, garlic, sea salt and cracked pepper then placed on top of toasted ciabatta bread. On top of that was diced mozzarella, (and while not buffalo mozzarella still very good!) then on top of that a smattering of more basil, cracked pepper, tasty indeed, the bowl was also rimmed in olive oil, more garlic, sea salt and cracked pepper!

The Mexican place was nice. MiB got fajitas always a favorite for him and he thought they were above average. He prefers the meat more seasoned but still said they were very good and an extremely generous portion. They had hotter then I like salsa but since I was trying not to eat the chips/salsa I did not even check to see if they offered a milder one. Our favorite place, Francisco's, in Melbourne offers a milder version if you ask. Anyway I had a tamal and it was average, the corn mesa surrounding the pork was a little too "formed" and gelatinized if that makes any sense, but the pork was nice, it was well seasoned and nicely shredded though I little skimpy on the amount. The enchilada was really good, it was beef and while I normally get chicken, I was happy with the beef. Usually in an enchilada it is shredded beef this was ground, nicely seasoned and not dry, I enjoyed it and the sauce on top was quite good as well. I enjoyed the rice too, I like a drier rice and this was, so if you are ever in this area and want something more local and not chain related these two places are definitely worth checking out!

We will also be dining at our all time favorite, Fat Clemenza's, before leaving town; this place is totally authentic in our opinion! Again, I would call for a reservation just to be on the safe side as they are very busy but oh so worth the wait if you do go without a resy! Most likely I will again have the pizza :)

Enough about the food already, geez, I am never going to get rid of these 7#'s at this rate!

Thursday Thoughts!
  • I love pizza!!
  • I don't like king size beds.
  • Days are passing too quickly...
  • I am thankful for such dear friends!
  • Death is such a part of life but still not always easy.

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Susie said...

Sounds like you are getting settled:-) Slow but sure.