Friday, July 1, 2011

A day with the RRRs

Oh what a day, we awoke to FABULOUS coffee and donuts from the Round Rock Donut Shop...we are spoiled I know! It gets better...

 We played games with the kids...CatchPhrase and Wii

I'm not bragging or anything, but I was on the winning team EVERY time...oh, so maybe I am bragging..LOL And as far as Wii I was downstairs enjoying tea and I hear the kids put MiB to shame...after all that hard work we needed nourishment so we headed out for lunch. We thought we were doing Chick-fil-a however, can you say Mexican? You even mention Mexican food and MiB is all over it so off we went! It was a new little place not too far away that was not really fast food but not really full service either, it was good eats. 

 Lunch at Rosa's

 MiB took OR for a ride in the SMARTie and to get her washed. That was an all smiles moment for the boy!

As if we had not eat enough all ready, dinner was served, over fried chicken and roasted veggies. These were no ordinary roasted veggies, they were roasted and then tossed with a bag of fresh spinach and balsamic, then baby mozzarella balls were added...ummm, yeah, pretty much heaven for me, I think I might have had three helpings! 
  Roasted Veggies, YUMMERS!!
Then it was off to view the local bat community, that is something to watch, just not so great to smell. Who knew the smell was sooooo bad, trust me it is. Watching them leave the bridge was cool though and I am amazed at the number. 

 Waiting for the bats to fly!

The exodus of the bats from under the bridge.

After a little windshield tour and stopping off in the park for a little local concert it was back to the house to...wait for it...more food! I am going to need a bigger vehicle to get to our next stop if this eating frenzy doesn't stop. However, dessert was good and a first, it was an strawberry shortcake ice cream cake. I loved the white cake on the bottom and the ice cream wasn't bad either. 
So now it is time for bed, what an awesome fun day with the RRRs. Tomorrow we get to do it again! Oh lest I should forget we also went by the "round rock" the town is named after! This is first class treatment we are getting and it doesn't get any better then this, we may just move in and never even show up in's tempting I'm tellin' ya, we like this place, it's just awfully darn hot though!

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Frizzy said...

I am glad to hear you are enjoying all life has to offer you.