Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well, we have been eating again! I know, I know and it was going soooo still is and I am getting exercise in on a somewhat regular basis so it's not as bad as when we were on the road!

So today we tried a little place that was really good! MiB got the burger, he said it was definitely the best he's had to date in this area! So we have a semi finalist for sure!

I had the veggie plate...fried okra (AWESOME), black-eyed peas (ummm, okay...), squash casserole (oh yeah, baby!) and rice with gravy (yummmm, and yes, I know it's not a vegetable but it was one of the choices so I got it!!!). The bonus was the "water cornbread" Ever heard of that? Yeah, me neither! But it was fantabulous, like bring me more please!!!! Then to top it off MiB ordered the coconut pie, I know, I know, we didn't need it. However, it was really, really yummers. The crust was just slightly underdone and not as flaky as I would have liked in a perfect world, but the coconut filling was good, very good and the top was not meringue like most, but a dense nice whipped topping with a hint of cream cheese and shredded coconut. All in all it was yummers as I said!

That was my day...then this evening we had dinner with the Directions and it was divine. Let's just say home cookin' was nice! The ribs and taters were tasty, the canned and I mean home canned green beans were awesome along with some Sister Schubert rolls that may become a staple in my own kitchen not to mention the really good fruit for dessert (well, some had cookies, but not me, I had blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe and grapes).  It was a nice night of easy conversation that I think we all enjoyed!

Tomorrow church and finding a LifeGroup! Night!

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