Friday, August 5, 2011


One thing about AL was that the AUBURN Tigers left an indelible mark on our LilBlue, she still loves her some Auburn Tigers, she will be a fan for life I imagine. This thrills some of our most beloved friends in that state! It makes others who are ROLL TIDE fans shake their head and wonder what went wrong. AL certainly takes their football seriously, waaay seriously. I mean I really enjoy football, like high school ball real well, take pleasure in watching Sunday and Monday NFL games and always love college ball. However, these folks take is to new heights I had never before witnessed when we lived there and nothing has changed!

Anyway while we are here we thought we would pick up something new for LilBlue...can you say C H O I C E S?'s incredible! So what will she get???? This is just a few of the incredible things we had to choose from!

 Flip Flops!

 Basketball Shorts!


So at some point she will be the recipient of one of these so stay tuned there will probably be a post about it :)

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