Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

NOTE: We interrupt your regularly scheduled reading of Adventures in Blue to report that while I did schedule the below post as written, I am now reporting this...we have no idea where our "stuff" is, seriously, I am not kidding you or making this up; so therefore we are still in billeting without any updates since Tuesday. We think our things are still in the warehouse, but we could be wrong (I hope we are!!!!). Ahhhh, such is the life!
WooHoo, I am not sure where I am...I mean I know where I am right now, but not sure where I will be when this post. I am "scheduling" this to post on Thursday. Because on Thursday I may not be available, like I might be BUSY unpacking my "things" and if I am I won't have internet to post. So I am taking care of that early and scheduling it. I know, I know I could technically post from my phone, but I am not. I know, I know I could just not post (GASP), but I have some time so I am writing it up today (not gonna tell you what day 'today' is but it starts with a T)

So I do hope I am unpacking today, and if not I hope I am receiving, I would be good either way. Tomorrow MiB has the day off for a goal day...that is exciting stuff right there. An extra day off is ALWAYS good in my book, but it would be even more awesome if we do have our stuff and he is available to help. Mind you he might not really be much help but I like having him around so it will be more fun if he is home helping in his own way.

It's still way hot here in case you  might be wondering, though I see that some up north are cooling off we are still in triple digits. It's all good, I will not complain, I'd rather be hot then cold.

  • LA people seem so nice, but rude...
  • I need to buy TWO new shower curtains!
  • It's gonna be nice to sleep in MY bed again
  • Across the river, seems to be where most things are here!
How's your Thursday? I really do hope mine is good, I really hope I am walking in a maze of stacked up boxes and have the excitement of Christmas morning as I unwrap and put away our things. I hope I get it done in record time, I am ready for the challenge, I am shooting by Monday as long as we get it before Friday. I mean we don't have that much 'stuff' should be a piece of cake, right? We'll see and after this move I may have even less stuff. After all, I have lived without it for so long do I really need it????

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Frizzy said...

Of course you NEED it silly girl. You've just been on an adventure is all. Now you get to host all the people you've been staying with don't ya know?

Wish we were there to help you unpack. Wish we were PCSing like you are and that we had a "Goal Day" off again. MAN DO WE MISS THOSE!