Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So not literally, and maybe packing/shipping day is more accurate; however, today nearly everything we own is being loaded on a truck in Plant City, FL. That truck will then make its way to us here in LA where we will finally get to move into our new home. To say I am excited is an understatement. It's been a looong time since we packed it all up and soon, VERY soon, we will be in the midst of unpacking. The "have to have it here by" date is 24 August and that my friends is only 8 more days. I suspect (and pray) that it will  be sooner, but I am still okay with it being on the promised date.  That is waaaay sooner then we were originally told so it's all good!

Not sure how it will all work out but I know it will! We will have two hours from the time they call us to receive our goods...this is a big (I mean really BIG) change from the last time we did this. TWO HOURS are you serious? Okay, we will be available from now until the 24th, and within 2 hours of the house...but does this mean on the weekend as well? Does this mean it could be a 2 AM call? or 5 AM? I am a bit confused and concerned on this aspect. I do hope (and pray) we are talking normal business hours here and M-F but somehow I suspect that I could be wrong. We are trying to get clarification on this right now. We are also trying to get a "most likely" time frame once the truck is loaded in FL. Like are we the last load and they are coming straight to us, or stopping inbetween? Or are we the first load and they will doing another pick up before working their way here? You see how many variables there are?  I have so many questions and I would also like answers, so far, I have none. We have a toll free number that ALWAYS and I mean every time we have called goes to voice mail. We also have an email address and so far no replies with answers. BUT I AM HOPEFUL! I do hope (and pray) for answers by the end of the day :)

Hope your day is good, mine is better with this latest news which brings us that much closer to being in a home again. WOOHOO! I am also going crazy with my brain thinking about what will go where and how we will make it all work/fit. It's always fun but extremely challenging. I will take pictures to let you have a peek into our latest humble abode as soon as I can!

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