Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movie Day

Today we took in two movies...I know right! But it is just sooooo hot here and to do anything outside is crazy so we did the movies x2.

Movie #1 was The Help, good, very good. Makes you think...we have come so far and yet IMO we are still so far away from equality.

Movie #2 was Winnie the Pooh...yeah I know, but I love Pooh, and I wanted to see it so we went. It was cute and I'm sure lots of children loved it, I thought it was okay. It was not as good as I had hoped it would be but still a nice flick!

So now it is just chillin' in the room with chips and dip, we did Cane's for lunch, best fried chicken anywhere. If you pass a Cane's turnaround, trust me on this, it is worth it, extremely good fried chicken tenders. The fries are nothing to write about, nor is the slaw, it's average and the Texas toast, well let's just say if they would toast both sides they would have a winner, but they don't so I don't give it a second look, which is good since I have extra #s right now and bread won't help that! LOL But the tenders, they are AWESOME and the sauce is really yummers as well!

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday, we did and now as I said we are just chillaxin and enjoying the calm before another BIG week arrives. I can't even begin to describe it here, just know that if you are looking for things to pray for please pray for the men and women of Team Barksdale. Trust me... they need your prayers as do MiB and I as we have realized there are many things here that need prayer. I pray for those who seem lost, weary, broken, sad. I ask for God's hand to touch and intervene in the lives of those who so need it. We have seen too much all ready that is without the Master's hand involved; so we are praying for involvement of His power to help those who are most in need and to sustain us and empower us to help those who need it and to just be whatever we are to be.

Good Night!

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