Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On it's way!

Oh how I hope it's true. I'm pretty sure it is, I mean I actually spoke to BOBBY, the driver, this morning. So I'm thinking all is good. That makes me feel good. He is supposed to deliver on Friday. We are signing for the house on Thursday a.m. cause, well, you just never know and I would feel better knowing that we are good to go should Bobby show up early. However, I am going to be ready for him on Friday cause that is what he told me!

I am ready to hang my new shower curtain, I'm ready to stock the fridge, I am so ready to just be in space that is mine, I am ready (I think) to re-learn to cook on gas. It's been a few years since we had gas and I'm sure there will be some burnt, uh, I mean scorched things as I get used to cooking with gas again. But I really do like gas so it's all good.  We will have a gas fireplace too. Haven't had a fireplace for a while and have never had gas so that should be kind of fun. Well, if it ever gets cool enough to turn it on!

It's been a long week already and it's only Tuesday. Sheesh this could be a really long week by the time Friday rolls around. And we have an event Friday night so it could get real interesting on taking delivery and getting back out the door to make it to the formal, yes I did say formal event on time!

I'm off to do some laundry, then fix pizza for dinner...don't get too excited it's a frozen one but I think it will be yummy. Sure looks good!


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Susie said...

Sounds like things are coming together for you:-) That's awesome!!!