Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Day...

Today I had lunch with a new group of ladies. We went down to the Louisiana Boardwalk area and had lunch at a Pizzeria. The pizza was decent though next time I will try the calzone. They also had great salads. I got the combo so I got to try both the pizza and salad. What I did not have but would have liked to have tried was the gelato. It looked a lot like what we had in Italy. I have a reason to go back and take MiB, we will have to try the gelato!!!!


After our L O N G lunch I had just enough time to stop at the room and leave my very thoughtful little welcome basket of goodies, which included chocolate so it wouldn't melt before I met up with MiB to head out to the East Reservation to see our new home. Yeah! We are getting closer to being in a home!!!!! So today we did the walk through and made requests for some things to be changed, fixed and cleaned before we take possession. Hopefully, that is going to be sooner rather then later. Our things are being released from storage on Tuesday, then the contract has to be let, then we hopefully get a time line of when they will arrive.

So here are a couple pictures of the house:

Gas fireplace in the living room...

Kitchen as it looks from the dining room.

Dining room view from kitchen.

 The laundry room, seems very roomy!

I am so not overjoyed with the MBR, but I will live. The laundry room, however, is quite impressive and seems so very roomy, I'm likin' it! There are decent sized closets and and a nice storage room to boot next to the laundry room. The garage is a two car and also has some decent storage area options so all in all it should be good. I just hope we don't get settled in and get told, "oh, your real house is ready!" Yep, this is a temporary house so I will be moving again when the REAL house is ready, I know, you envy my life don't you? NOT! LOL
In case you missed it this would be the temporary if we were buying this would not be something we would really be interested in. However, when you have our lifestyle you take what you are given and usually you smile real big, say thank you, and thank your lucky stars that it isn't really yours!c!

Anyway, it is certainly getting closer to when we will be back in a real home (temporary or not) and living like real people again; which will not be out of three suitcases (for me) and two duffel bags (MiB) along with a rubber maid tub! Living out of a suitcase is a challenge for sure but I think I have perfected it over the past year. Well, for me's workin'!

Oh, and tonight MiB took me over to Hanger II to do "cook your own steak" night, which BTW was outstanding! I was not sure how that would work out but he did an awesome job, it was just right!!!

My MiB, the steak cooker!

 So how was your day?


Frizzy said...

Sigh...I imagine seeing a light at the end of this transition must be a huge relief. HUGE! Your hubby is home safe and sound and you are together again. Happy to hear you're out meeting some new friends. Are they ladies from the Comm Squadron?

Mrs. Blue said...

I have met a few Comm spouses (they still hold a special place in our heart) but these were not.