Saturday, March 3, 2012

A day in the c.o.u.n.t.r.y :)

What an absolute gorgeous day to spend in the country, yep I said the country. We are city folk most of the time and so when we get the opportunity to be in the country we take it. We come from country folk roots . We enjoy the wide open space, the slower living and all that. We like to a degree the animals that come along with country living. You know horses, cows, (bulls, even), chickens, guineas, dogs, cats, rabbits and those creatures that come to mind when you think about the country. It's part of the experience.

So the Diamond gathering today was at the Running Ranch. It was a perfectly enjoyable day. Loved the bonfire that took the chill off the evening, laughed at the corn hole tossers, held my breath on some of the horse riders, wrinkled my nose as the wet dogs and smiled at the puppy. Ate too much good food as there was a lot of good food like smoked ribs, red potatoes, buffalo chicken dip, baked beans, cheesecake. All very delectable and plenty of it.

Adorable puppy!

Lots of horsing around!

The smoked meat, which was yummers!

The corn hole tossers, minus one...

The fire poker :)

Now it is back to reality and ohbytheway, I still have a house pretty much full of boxes and furniture that needs to be placed...but for a few hours today none of that mattered as I enjoyed the fresh air, good conversation and fun in the countryside all in the state of Texas no less!

And that's all! I am again exhausted so I'm off to get a shower and on to bed, I cannot go to bed with campfire smell on me, so it's a nice shower and hair washing so I don't have wood smoke aroma!


Frizzy said...

So happy you had fun and got away. Of course the boxes can wait. They could wait forever.

Mrs. Blue said...

Boxes WILL be waiting for sure...up this a.m. and moving sloooow!!! Enjoy your day :)