Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

It's good to be livin' life. It's great to be in love. It's awesome to be loved.

Life is Good.

Spring Break here we come! While it's not as a grand plan as last year, it's still going to be spending time with two of my very favoritest people. I'm excited. I need to finish packing. I have gathered most everything I need but I still have to get it contained. I love that we are driving it allows me more "carry-on" items! Not to mention snacks!

I'm not like counting down or anything, I just know that it's 54 hours til I see LilBlue :P

I am also getting excited to do nothing but lay on the beach and soak up the sun. It's been great weather here in LA for sure but ya know there is just somethin' bout bein' near the water that makes me feel good.

LilBlue is looking forward to the warmth and water as well. MiB is ready to hopefully find waves and good Mexican food.

Thoughts on Thursday!
  •  Ready to be away...
  • I'll be beachin' it soon :)
  • Boxes, yes, there are still boxes.
  • Taxes, smaxes, LilBlue's makes my brain hurt!
Off to do a little more gathering and hopefully make it to the Attic this morning. I have missed it!

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