Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sand, Sun and Fun and oh, horses!

Today was all about the beach and water...

We started off this morning at Isla Blanca Park. It was a good stop and they give a military discount on entry so even better in our book! We hunted shells, found a sand dollar and saw several jelly fish!

 The jelly fish were quite large compared to the ones we were used to seeing in FL.

These jellies are usually called moon jellies. Much different then the Portuguese Man o'War we dealt with in FL since these are mild stingers...however, I prefer no sting at all so yeah I stayed away from them! LilBlue and MiB of course were right there on them investigating!

After roaming the beach at Isla we had lunch at a local Mexican place and sadly I cannot recommend it...definitely a touristy place that is friendly enough just not what we felt was quality food, portions were also skimpy. Of course another major criteria was the was a warm salsa, which I am okay with but the flavor was not there and lets just say the queso was thinned Velveeta with a bit of something. But hey it did fill our food deficit so it ended okay!

The afternoon we spent lounging poolside in and out of the hot tub and pool soaking in the rays. I think some of us even snoozed a little but I will not mention names...

Then LilBlue and MiB went horseback riding on the beach late this afternoon. This of course was a huge hit and there are lots of stories from this excursion. Rosco and Bourbon had no clue what they were in for when these two saddled them up for the ride, God Bless them!

LilBlue & Bourbon

It's our last night in SPI, we are not exactly sure right now of our evening plans but I think it will be relaxing and low key. Showers are being had to wash off the horse! It's been another great day but we move on to G-Town.

More horseback riding pictures...

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