Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sleep, where art thou?

Moving is done, settling in is not...the hour is late and I sleep not.

I can imagine my cranky self in the a.m. You should probably avoid me.

It's been not so fun this moving business...I'm not liking all the things I have. Is that a sign I should bless someone else with them? I think so.

We have already de-cluttered, however, I am thinking a good purge is on the horizon. I find having less and less makes me feel better. I have also found it doesn't take as much to make a house a home.

I do not love all that my eyes see so I think that means it is time to part company with even more of this stuff around here.

I have been back up for two hours now. And to think late this afternoon I thought bedtime would not come soon enough. Hmmmm, I wish I could nod off as easy now as I could have then...

Well, good morning, or night depending on how you feel.

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