Monday, March 19, 2012


Definitely worth the drive...South Padre is nice! Of course there are a lot of "students" here but it is still a nice area and town. We really weren't all that impressed with Corpus Christi. However, the beaches at SPI are good and our hotel is right on the beach and we are loving that!
 We made it :)

 Awww, the view, is a/m/a/z/i/n/g!!!!

 Enjoying the balcony and surfin' but really wanting to surf in the water...

 Enjoying dinner at a good little Italian place!

Dinner tonight was Italian after a lovely afternoon poolside. After dinner was hot tub time and some interesting company...believe it or not they were from Nebraska! Small world for sure! Students from University of Nebraska! Two were '09 grads like LilBlue and one went to school with one of her church buddies at LaVista.

It's been a great day in SPI on the beach! Looking forward to a repeat tomorrow. Also hoping MiB gets some waves, though the water temp is quite cool IMO and I will stick with the hotel pool and hot tub rather then the waves.

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