Monday, March 26, 2012


I have done laundry, all 7 loads and I could technically do one more! I have cleaned out my email box. I have cleaned the bathroom. I have updated my calendar. I have had breakfast and lunch.

What I am not telling you is that I should have been working on LilBlue's taxes. It's not enough that I have done ours already; both Federal and State. I have already done her Federal, she got a little refund :) Sent it straight to her savings account. But now I should be tackling the State side of the house for her. Here's the mind bogglingness of it that continues to make me want to hide. I have to figure out two states, yes, that's right TWO states!

Yes, I know, fun!

You see she is a student. She is a military dependent. We are "residents" of another. She has to file in both the state she is a student in, since she has a job there and our resident state. It's not complicated at all, no not at all...hahahahbawwaaah! That's a big fat lie :/

IF only I would have realized the income cutoff for her NOT to have to file at all, I sooooo would have paid her off. I would have paid her to not make over that amount. I really would have even given her a bonus as well! Especially since she was only over by a a couple hundred dollars. Oh, how I wish I knew what I didn't know sooner. Seems that is the way on things like this. Wonder if I can find out what that amount will be for 2012??? This is something I need to stay on top of. I will so pay her to stay under, yes, I will, unless of course that is illegal, then I sooooo would never do that. You know I am a rule follower, like to a fault.

Of course, after figuring out this quagmire I will probably be able to breeze through it next time, so it won't even matter. As it goes I have always filed our taxes and never minded, however, I am starting to have second thoughts on this task now...

So before I get on to this tax workout I am going to finish unpacking. Do a little bit more cleaning, cause that will allow me to delay starting the taxes. Then I am going to start packing. Yes, you read that right, packing again. Cause if I do that I can again delay the whole looming tax thing! I know, right? And if you should be in wonderment on the packing again well there's another adventure on Thursday as we head back to Texas again for a conference!

But before I dive into the taxes I might need to reorganize my underwear drawer or possibly alphabetize our canned goods, or seriously do a real workout. I need to do that, especially after being on vacation last week. It's not pretty! However, I am out here in the sticks and driving to the gym is not going to happen, so maybe I could just go get a walk in on this very gorgeous spring day! You know do really important stuff before I can possibly start on the taxes. I should also really try to read and catch up on FaceBook. After all, I have at least two more weeks before they are due...

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