Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Woah it's already Wednesday!

Preparing for our next trip...thoughts are swirling rapidly through my brain of all I need to accomplish before we leave!  However, I also have travel thoughts...

I have my hopes up to get a stop in at one of my favorite stores! A.L.D.I Yes, I love that store! I miss the great prices on some of my favorite things. Black olives being one, weird, I know, but they are really good black olives. I also like a lot of their "cold" items which sadly I will not be able to bring back much from that department. They have the best whipped cream in a can! Seriously, it's good! I also think their cream cheese is just as good as the Liberty Bell kind, sour cream is totally yum, too! Their guac rocks!

In addition I love their produce, they have exceptionally good prices here. And it's great produce for sure! They have good bread products, great whole grain type breads! And there are some cereals of theirs I like.

To be fair they have things I do not's trial and error. BUT if you don't like something you return it for a FULL refund. Also if you get say a bad cantaloupe, you can tell them next time you are there and they will give you another. I have never done this without returning the actual unacceptable produce item, but I have been told you don't have to bring the produce back. I just love a store that stands behind it's products.

IF you go be sure to have a quarter and cash. Yes, I did say a quarter and I do mean that round coin that takes four to make a dollar. You have to pay for your shopping cart. That way more then likely you will return in to the cart corral to get your quarter back instead of leave the cart in the parking lot. I personally LOVE this concept and wish our commissary would adopt this process. It's a little pet peeve I have when people take a shopping cart to their vehicle and then just abandon it in the parking lot!

Okay, so I gotta get, have to make a post office, dry cleaning, bx run and get back to meet a friend who is picking up our moving boxes for her move. Love recycling and helping out a friend too! Just wish we had a little more time so we could have dinner. Next time!


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