Friday, March 2, 2012

Tribe Visit!

Tonight was just such a blessing! After a long busy day that began with a first thing this morning change of command, a couple necessary errands, new tires for my Honda, attending a farewell along with a double promotion celebration this afternoon, and a chili cook-off  this evening (which, ohbytheway, I WON! and I didn't even know I was participating til mid-morning) we stopped by to see a precious family from our past.

The TRIBE minus J1

So, so, sooooooo neat to see and catch up with the TRIBE. We met them in AL when they were a family of three, then they became an even cuter family of four. Our own LilBlue was enamored with little J3 and then when J4 came along she was over the moon. She still talks about Ms J along with J3 and J4!

Tonight we met J4, J5, J6. J7 and J8. Oh what a treat!!!!!! We got to visit and catch up and it was just so truly awesome! This is the coolest part of our life in the BLUE. 

We have been so blessed to meet and get to know so many phenomenal people in this world. However, THIS family is one that holds many special memories. We have loved them from the getgo! We met Mr Jim first, he is the papa to Ms J and then we branched out from there. Meeting Ms Carolyn next and then yet another daughter and family while at CBC. Then, this summer, we got to meet yet another one of the original G sisters when we moved to LA. Yes, one of the sisters lives here in LA, she is married to a fellow BLUE suiter. We had heard so much about them, we felt like we knew them already! It was so neat to sorta, kinda know someone before we even arrived and of course being a true southern girl she even called me and extended that southern hospitality before we even arrived! I know, they are that kind of family, really!

Okay, I know I could go on and on but since I am a bit on the side of tired, exhausted really, you know with the whole move week and all and having some sort of kind of drainage and all I am going to stop yammering, wrap up with a few pictures and go to bed. Afterall, we have a diamond event in TX tomorrow and there will be horses involved so I need to get some rest so I can play hard!

 The youngest J!

 The newest J we have been praying for the most as of late! This little guy is a true miracle...PTL!

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