Friday, March 9, 2012

Ohbytheway...about LENT!

I forgot to blog about Lent, I did not forget Lent.

So, anyway, I am not catholic. GASP:) I really only have a simplistic view of Lent. When we lived in Italy, catholic or not our Chapel friends gave up things for Lent. This was all kinda new for us.  I went along with it in my own sort of way and thought it was a totally cool, doable concept. And while it is much more then the words on this site, you can still peruse through the information and get a really good handle on the whole Lent thing. I like the big picture concept and have chosen to go along since Italy.

This year for Lent I gave up soda. It's pretty big for me. So far so good. I can tell you my water consumption has gone up d r a m a t i c a l l y, which IMO is a good thing. I haven't really had any real "I need a soda" moments, though there have been a few, wow, I would so drink a soda right now if I weren't refraining from drinking them moments! So it's going well. I also don't participate in the free day thing as some do, you either are giving it up or you are not IMO so I go all the way.

So that begs the you do Lent?

What did you give up, refrain, fast from????

It's an interesting activity for sure. One of my friends also gave up soda,as did her husband and her son gave up M&Ms. Munsy neighbor gave up desserts. I only know this through random conversation, I did not do a poll or anything like that!

Happy Friday, it's North to MO today, so traveling prayers and happy start of the weekend to you! Looks like we are in for soggy travel time, and you know how much Ima going to enjoy that for 8 hours, NOT!


Julie Kowalski said...

I am Catholic and usually do give up something for Lent. Last year I gave up red wine because it's really the only alcohol I drink. Thing is, I ended up rediscovering WHITE wine so yeah, that didn't really end up being too much of a sacrifice. Something was wrong with that picture! So....this year I gave all alcohol up. And yes, there are many situations in which I'd love to have that glass of wine. What the "giving up" does for me is make me more aware of what Lent is all about. It makes me concentrate on living a more disciplined life and being aware of the sacrifices Jesus made for us. In my life that's a good thing and I can tell you, I'm really going to enjoy that first glass of red on Easter!
I've been enjoying your blogs Betty.
Have a safe trip to MO!

Frizzy said...

Hope you made it safe and sound. Will you be visiting family in MO? Will you be headed to NE too?

I didn't give anything up for lent but Bird and I did just cut out carbs, sugar and soda for two weeks. We started yesterday so prayers would be appreciated.

Mrs. Blue said...

Thanks Ms Julie!

Nichole, no to NE, but LilBlue did come to MO for wedding and next week we will be Spring Breaking together!!!

Wow, that's a lot to cut out, praying :)