Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday!

Hmmmm, thoughts...yes, I have some, but should they be blogged....yeah, no, probably not.

It's about to get crazy again. Which is all good. Lots of travel. Seeing the family and enjoying life, that is what makes the memories we enjoy to recall.

  • I need to pack...
  • House is shaping up.
  • MiB is working late a lot :/
  • I'm really ready for Spring Break :)
It's Thursday, which is usually Attic day but with the move and all I am calling it a home day. Usually I call these "catch up" days but since I have not been caught up since we moved I feel it is not an accurate phrase. It's more a still getting it together day. Anywho that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It's a weather day, tomorrow is also looking like a weather day. I don't like to travel in weather but there are times you have no choice. I just continue to pray for traveling mercies. We as well as LilBlue will be traveling this weekend, lots of miles in a short amount of time, yes, there will be lots of prayers said for our travels.

I am happy to report that taxes are done. That is a big thing to get to cross off my list. Just wish I had LilBlue's done as well, but I am working on that. I don't mind doing our taxes, it just take time and that is something I have not had a lot of lately. I am feeling like I am very behind in many things, but I am trying to stay the course and just continue to check off the items on the list. I know I am making progress, I see it but there are days I wonder and then there are days that more goes on the list then comes off.

Happy Thursday to you, hope you have a productive, joyful day, that IS MY PLAN!

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