Saturday, March 24, 2012

The girl is gone...

Well, we knew the week would not last forever, but we hated to see it come to a close, which it did as we dropped LilBlue at the airport this afternoon.

We took one last walk on the beach, ate TEXAS waffles, loaded up the car, checked out of the hotel and headed north. Made a quick stop for a last minute shopping excursion, gotta love scoring the 30 OFF :) and then on up the road to the plane. Without knowing how traffic would be in Houston, and it was B.A.D. we allowed plenty of time to get there. Then without knowing how quickly the TSA line would move, we had to allow time there...soooo we hated to but we had to give her up many moment sooner then plane departure. But such is the life of an air traveler. You have to be prepared and ready no matter. So we were! Anyway, we weren't happy to lose that precious time with her, but know that's the way it works... So she cleared TSA and we phone chatted for a bit more, then she went to find her a spot to wait for the boarding time. It was all good.

LilBlue with the TEXAS waffle!

After running the airport shuttle MiB and I headed on back to G-Town, stopping to check into our new hotel on the way. Did I mention that Houston traffic is B.A.D.? Well, let me be sure you get it...Houston traffic on a Saturday was BAD :/ Accidents, rubber neckers, road construction, ambulances and LOTS of brake lights, we saw it all! I am not thinking Houston will make the retirement list!

So we did finally make it back south and enjoyed a lovely afternoon on the beach after a quick stop for a filet-o-fish enroute. The beach was crowded, more so then we had seen it all week. But thankfully we snagged a great parking spot near 37th Street, which is a "surfing spot" so it was all good. MiB got water, I got sun, it was nearly perfect. We ended up staying well into the afternoon before making the trek back northward to our new hotel. We decided to bypass the hotel and go on for Mexican food at the original LaBrisa while we were out. We were NOT disappointed. It was very good and our waitress was really good, it was win, win. Love their happy hour frozen 'ritas!

Back to the was full of a boy's little leaguers team, the River Rats, that had taken over the pool and hot tub so we opted for an evening in. After nice hot showers, we stretched out in the king size bed for a bit of tube watching and internetting.

Tomorrow we make our way back to LA. Personally, I could stay several more days at the beach...

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