Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

This time next week all the wrapping will be ripped off, the turkey and ham will have lost it's appeal and we will be thinking more seriously about fighting off the holiday pounds that have crept on. Maybe this isn't true for you but for most it is.

This week has been full and fun. I am glad that we are receiving our first house guest tomorrow and then LilBlue will arrive soon too! That is what I am looking forward to most. I hope I continue to live in the season, to really enjoy the season, to continue to believe in the season, to not ever take for granted how very fortunate I am and to not ever lose sight of the real Reason for the Season...

My Thursday Thoughts this week:

  •  I want less...
  • I am so not creative
  • I am sooo not a shopper.
  • I do not receive or give well...
  • I so enjoy the neighborhood WW.

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