Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Food for CHRISTmas thought...

I recently ran across THIS blog...I think it is a MOST worthy read.

However, you may need to put on your big girl or boy pants as it might make you bristle. As for me I didn't  have any issues with it, after all, we were and still are some of those people who just don't and never have really BOUGHT into the materialistic side of CHRISTMAS.

In fact our kid is one of those who did not have the Santa experience and so far she has not been in therapy for it and we feel she is going to turn out all right! We told her he was just a fat silly Christmas clown. She also gets three gifts and she knows why.

We try to keep the main focus on the real thing. Just our way, it's not for everyone, we know it and we are okay with those who hold to other beliefs. But I still felt like sharing.

So I did, again, my blog, my thoughts...

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