Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

I know Christmas was on the 25th but in our world it was today...we waited until LilBlue was here, she arrived, FINALLY, after a delay getting out of Dallas and after stopping to eat Mexican on our way back to Shreveport last night but we finally had our girl at home with us!

The BUD came out wearing his new long 
johns from Uncle G!

This morning we did stockings, then had a great leisurely morning of opening gifts, eating, more gifts, more eating, more gifts, movies, snacking (which is eating if you are wondering), more gifts and playing with new gifts. If was awesome, we laughed, we nearly cried, we ate too much, we laughed some more and then went to bed so we could have another big day together! We are thrilled to be together again, ALL of us and life is good!

Stockings were a big hit, lots of NEAT things!

 Uncle G is surprised with a new coffee machine!

MiB really gets surprised with a new goof board!

 Lil Blue helped with the handing out gifts on the second go round!

We had so much fun playing with MiBs goof board, there is also some GREAT video floating around on FaceBook. They also did multiple riders at one time, personally I am just very, I mean VERY thankful we did NOT end up in the ER. I was soooo thinking this would not end good, but again, thankfully, we did not make an ER trip! Whew, course there is always tomorrow!
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! We are so thrilled we were all together and have enjoyed every minute and know our time is so short we are trying to pack a lot in and so far so good!

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